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Top Five Reasons to Hire a Personal Chef

Updated: Jan 16

You don't need to get a ride.

Going out to nice dinner usually means someone has to stay sober for the ride home or your going to pay for a ride home. If that's a long way from where you live it could be costly. You may end up with a cool rideshare friend but why risk it when you could just stumble upstairs!!

Leftovers are already in the fridge.

Have you ever left the table, got into your car and made it all the way home just to realize your left your your little Styrofoam box of goodies? You were going to enjoy for a late night snack or that next day for lunch and now they are probably in the trash. Personal Chefs can leave those treats in the fridge immediately for you to find later when you get a little hungry.

No need for a Babysitter

Nothing is worse than when you want to go out and you can't find a babysitter for the kiddos. Plus maybe it's mom and dad that you want to take out to dinner. Put the kids upstairs to watch a movie and set up that old baby monitor. So you can have your own restaurant down in the kitchen. Avoid those breakdowns that attract all the silly looks from the other restaurant guest.

Show off that good China

Did you inherit all of your grandparents old china that is so beautiful but you just don't know when to use it? Have the chef use and set the table with those plates. It makes a great conversation starter and you get to have amazing food that is on a piece of history that's all yours.

Don't over pay for good wine.

Need I say more? We have all gone crazy overspending on a couple of bottles at a nice restaurant and then you get the bill and think wow did I really drink all that?

So book a personal chef experience today.


Let's create lasting memories that everyone will be talking about.

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