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Must-have kitchen tools

You might not think that there is much to a kitchen but take a second look. There are many tools in the kitchen that will make your life easier and more enjoyable. From pots and pans to cutting boards, here are some of our top picks for must-have kitchen tools.

1. Cutting board

Bamboo Cutting Board Set with Juice Groove (3 Pieces) - Wood Cutting Boards for Kitchen, Wood Cutting Board Set, Kitchen Chopping Board for Meat (Butcher Block) Cheese and Vegetables

2. Knife

J.A. Henckels International Statement Kitchen Knife Set with Block, 15-pc, Chef Knife, Steak Knife set, Kitchen Knife Sharpener, Light Brown

3. Mixing bowls

Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Nesting Bowls Set with Mixing Bowls Measuring Cups Sieve Colander, 9-Piece, Multicolored

4. Pans with lids (small, medium, large)

HexClad 7-Piece Hybrid Stainless Steel Cookware Set with Lids and Wok - Metal Utensil and Dishwasher Safe, Induction Ready, PFOA-Free, Easy to Clean Non Stick Fry Pan with Covers

5. Wooden spoons and spatulas for cooking

Wooden Spoons for Cooking,Nonstick Kitchen Utensil Set,Wooden Spoons Cooking Utensil Set Non Scratch Natural Teak Wooden Utensils for Cooking(Teak 8 Pack)

6. Kitchen Towels

Urban Villa Set of 6 Kitchen Towels Highly Absorbent 100% Cotton Dish Towel 20X30 Inch with Mitered Corners Trendy Stripes Indigo Blue/White Bar Towels & Tea Towels

So, what are the must-have kitchen tools for your next party? A personal Chef! Give us a call today to book one of our talented chefs and you’ll be all set. We can help with everything from menu planning and food preparation to serving up delicious dishes at your event. We will make sure every guest has their favorite dish waiting on them when they arrive – no fussing in the kitchen required. Maybe you want something other than traditional catering; maybe you have an allergy or preference that needs special attention like veganism or gluten allergies – we have plenty of options for those as well! For more information about how we work with clients who need assistance hosting parties, give us a shout schedule a call today!

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