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Copperhill Brewery

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

I love the Copperhill Brewery in the town of Copperhill Tennesee but the new additional location for brewery in Ducktown,TN is amazing. It's in an old building that once was the old general store and at one time a flower shop. It is covered with old red brick and has tall ceilings accented with rough cut lumber. The concrete floors just speak of the town's history.

The beer selection at both locations are always my favorite. My eyes were instantly drawn to the Ichabod pumpkin ale. I'm not usually one to go for a beer that's been flavored but this is one of those instances where I trust the brewer to make a good one. I was not let down. This beer was awesome. It was crisp and light like an ale should be with just that hint of pumpkin. It was the perfect compliment to the fall weather outside.

The brewery has the perfect atmosphere and beer to compliment. If you are ever going to go raft the Ocoee, ride the train from Blue Ridge, GA to Copperhill, just or find yourself in Southeast Tenn. stop in and get a beer you won't regret it.

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