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Cooking is all about Altitude..

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

While on vacation in Telluride, Colorado my old friend and I cooked together. We took turns presenting dishes as we reminisced about other places we worked in before. Cooking with him was refreshing because it felt like home again after all the traveling that had been done over the last few days; cooking a dish that no one would think of eating - seared foie gras with crispy Brussel sprouts and toast topped off with mulberry jam- made me feel more connected to this place than ever before.

When we first cooked this meal for a group of friends, I was nervous about the potential response to one ingredient - foie gras. But when it came time to dish out the appetizers and they were all raving over them, my worries melted away into nothing but joy!

Working out of two tents in the dead of winter was a challenge, but we were like old dance partners. We moved back and forth through our ovens to get this job done right!

Telluride is an amazing town with a beautiful alpenglow. You can't miss the sleighs and wagons dinner, or checking out this chef!

So book a personal chef experience today.


Lets create lasting memories that everyone will be talking about.

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